Look into My Eyes

NaPoWriMo Day#5: Write a Cinquain

Since I have no idea how to write one, this is just a random poem I wrote when I was sixteen:

Look into my eyes

What do you see?

Do you see defiance, anger and coldness?

Then look deeper.

Now what do you see?

Still the same?

Please concentrate

And look deeper.

Do you see the coldness fading?

The anger shaking?

The defiance crumbling?

Keep on looking deeper.

Now do you see

That beneath all the defiance, anger and coldness

I have a heart that bleeds?

A soul that feels?

Don’t you see?

I’m just a hurt soul

My heart beats just like yours.

Keep on looking

Don’t you see that I yearn for your love?

That I just don’t know how to express my confused feelings?

Don’t you see everything now?

See that I’m just someone

Who yearns for your smile

Longs to talk to you

Wishes to be loved by you.

So look deep in my eyes

Beneath all the layers

See what I’m really like.

Then, if you can, love me.

I know this kinda sucks, but this is one of my first attempts at writing a poem. :-/


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