Am I a Poet?

NaPoWriMo Day#8

I wonder whether I am a poet

Whether I can actually spin words

And weave them into magic.

Lately, the signs have been telling me

That I’m not.


I can’t rhyme

Nor can I edit what I write.

I don’t think when I rant

And I just keep ranting on.


I can’t write to a specific meter

Neither can I follow most of

The NaPoWriMo prompts:

Still not able to figure out

How I can conjure up

A cinquain and a sea shanty.


Am I a poet? I doubt it

I can’t write when people ask me to

Neither can I write everyday

I can’t spend ten lines

Talking about a blooming flower.


Am I a poet?

My poems don’t listen to me

They flow around wherever they want to

And control me, forcing me to write them down.


Am I a poet?

I don’t think so.


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