The Nine of Us

NaPoWriMo Day#27


The last two months before exams

When we stayed awake at night sipping

Sweet, hot, black coffee and laughing

About the stupid clueless guys in class,

Staring at the clear night sky, sneaking

Up to the terrace and lying on the roof,

All the while knowing that we had to study,

And yet, always ending up talking and laughing.


Those days, we thought this would last forever

The last day came, we hugged and kissed

Promised to keep in touch, though we were

All going different ways.


Sometimes I wonder whether

We were stupid enough to believe

That things would always be

Just the way we wanted it to be.


Now, I cherish the rare moments

When I hear from the eight of you.

Sometimes I wonder whether it was

A mistake that all of you went ahead

And changed so drastically that

I almost didn’t recognize you, while

I still remained the same, hoping

You’d remember those days

Before we went different ways,

And became different people.


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