Footsteps in the Dark

NaPoWriMo Day#9: Noir for the Ninth (basically write a mystery poem)


It was a dark and still night

No gloomy wind blew to disturb

The eerie silence which bathed the street.

The pavement lights shone dully,

Creating shadows, rather than illuminating walls.

Dark houses lined both sides of the road

My  footsteps echoed loudly on the ground

I could hear my heart thudding

Deafeningly on my eardrums.


That’s when I heard the step behind me,

Brisk, steady and purposeful it was.

without turning around, I knew who it was

It was in vain, still I walked faster,

And the steps followed me close behind

My lips moved in prayer, I knew my end was near.


Suddenly I felt a bony finger rapping

On my shoulder. Slowly, shaking,

I turned around…


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