A Walk with the Wind

NaPoWriMo Day#13: Take a walk and write about it


It had been a hot day

But by the time we’d finished

Eating dinner from a quaint little shop,

The sky was dark, and a cool, dry wind

Blew so invitingly that we decided

To walk the way back home.

We walked through the busy road

Passing the photostat shops, the vendors

Selling cheap snacks and sweets, the cars

Rushing through the road and the pavement.

It would have been an ordinary day had it not

Been for the surprising wind which blew

And brought an unconscious smile on our

Faces. we walked on, leaving  the road,

The way was quieter and darker and

Greener, and my soul suddenly lifted,

And I broke out into a song, singing out

The wind within me.


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