I Like to Think So

NaPoWriMo Day#18: Write a poem which begins and ends with the same word


Somehow, I like to think that if you knew

How much your decisions would hurt me

And confine me to a life devoid

Of happiness, where I could only exist,

And never live, or love, would you

Have been so thoughtless? Somehow

I like to hope that you would have

Acted differently, though I know 

Very well that you wouldn’t have.


Still, if you knew how much

I drowned my sorrow in my pillow, 

and in the lonely stars in the sky,

Or the crowded streets were I roamed

To feel lost, and yet to feel belonged

Would you have at least treated me 

A little better?


I like to think so,

Otherwise there will be no reason

For me to keep loving you.


So, I think better of you

Than what you actually are.

It keeps me from turning bitter somehow.


3 thoughts on “I Like to Think So

  1. Oh……this is a good poem, the last line threw me, being bitter is definitely something to avoid, although remembering “them” as better people than they were is not good either, tough choice there and very well described !

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