Little Girl

NaPoWriMo Day#19

 I opened the newspaper on 19th April and read this article: It’s about a five year old girl who gets kidnapped, and is found in another floor of the same apartment a few days later:


Little girl,

Who knew that just another day of play

Outside your home would suddenly turn

Your entire small world upside down?

Is your mother questioning herself now

For letting you go out, naively thinking

That nothing could ever happen?

After all, it’s just people you see everyday

Around you, and anyway, you’re just five.

Who thought that you would be kidnapped

And found on another floor of the same building

A few days later? Your mother must have gone

Crazy, frantically searching for you, calling out your name,

Never realizing you would be found in the very same building.


You were found with your private parts injured

You were subjected to “irregular sex”, it seems

Somebody heard you wailing and found you 

Had you been wailing for three continuous days?

Will you shed tears throughout your life now

Or will you be shocked into a cruel silence?


They operated you, and found a tear in your

Vagina and rectum. They found also

Three candles and an oil bottle inserted

Inside of you.


Little girl, I cannot ever imagine

What happened in that room

How much you cried, or the trauma you felt

But dear little girl, I cry for you,

Cry because you were too innocent 

For this evil world that they

Had to take your innocence away

From you. But when I remember

That you were only five, and how you

Deserved to believe that the world 

Is beautiful with a joy and innocence

That only children possess,

I can’t help but weep for you.


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