At the Airport

The airport was sophistication

At its finest. Foreign designer

And expensive coffee shops

Lined the sides of the airport

Neatly. People walked in and out,

Checking out expensive bags,

Buying chocolate which cost

About the price of approximately

Three square meals. Well mannered

Attendants were ever present

To help all those new to this world

Of bright lights, glass windows and

Air conditioned luxury. People

Clicked photos, gaped openmouthed

At the elegance of the place.


And yet, I preferred the dust

And grime of the slimy railways,

Where people slept on the platform

And passengers bumped against one

Another, rushing to board the train

With all of their heavy bags and

Noisy children. 

And life smelling like it did:

Pungent, sweet and irresistible.


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