The Loner

She felt alone in a room of people
Silent when those around her laughed
She walked alone, clothed in grief,
Ignored by others, labelled a loner.
Who knew what burdens her heart carried?
What the depth of her brown eyes tried to convey,
And the truth her broken smile tried to hide?
Nobody knew, nobody cared.

She felt trapped and caged
Her wings had been clipped off
She tried to sing
But a hundred hands closed her mouth.
Who knew the words of her sweet melody?
The heartbreaking symphonies she hummed?
What the lyrics of her songs tried to say,
What her never sung songs were all about?

She felt terrified when they came to get her
As they bound her to chains
She tried in vain to cry out, to break free.
Everyone saw, but nobody moved.
Who knew where she was taken away to?
What the people did to her?
Would she ever be free?
Nobody knew, nobody cared.

And finally, no questions lingered in anyone’s mind.
Would she come back?
Was she dead?
Or was she in a place
Where she could finally be free,
Soar into the sky 
And sing her heart out?
Nobody knew, nobody cared.


5 thoughts on “The Loner

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