“You’re Too Young to Hate the World”

She wakes up every morning

With no song of hope to make her smile

She reads in the papers

About three-year-olds being pimped by fathers

And mutilated bodies found in open ditches

She endures crude comments and ice cold groping

By wild-eyed men in the crimson red bus

She sees children losing their innocence too early

In their parents’ fights, or behind computer screens

She has experienced the cruelty of friends

And felt the daily scorn of strangers

She knows what it’s like to be truly alone

In a crowd, with friends, even all by herself

Just out of school, her dreams have already been

Crushed, disfigured and distorted irrevocably

And then, they dismiss the death in her eyes

With a quick burst of nervous laughter and the words,

“You’re too young to hate the world”.


11 thoughts on ““You’re Too Young to Hate the World”

  1. Rosemary i wonder what stories lie beneath the smile of your pic … what you have depicted here is a harsh reality which most of us don’t want to believe it to be true….

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