Clumsy klutzy stupid me

Biting on an ulcer

Dancing in the bathroom

Hitting my head against a wall

Balancing hot tea between my legs

Climbing a wall wearing a dress

Running through moss covered floors

Picking up glass pieces barefoot

Walking straight into a stranger.


Naive gullible stupid me

Smiling at a random guy

Getting lost in a shady street

Refusing to ask directions for hours

Waving at a stranger and realizing it too late

Not counting the change the shopkeeper gave


Hasty unthinking stupid me

Blurting out words without thinking

Making up lies to cover another lie

Bottling up my feelings until I explode

Refusing help, never saying no

Crying when everyone goes to sleep


Mistakes mistakes mistakes.

Resenting them, trying to avoid them

Seemed to make them multiply

And leave me looking like an utter fool.

Hating myself, hating others

Trying to be perfect 

Ending up a mess


Until I decided

To live with my mistakes

To be clumsy, naive, stupid

To let mistakes shape me

Into who I will be 



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