They Say Bad Things Happen for a Reason

They say bad things happen for a reason

That pain can be the best the best teacher

Mistakes made means a lesson learned

Grief builds a stronger person.


Maybe I don’t want to be wiser

Turning my past into lessons for tomorrow

And naming all that I’ve lost “experience”

What if the pain I feel isn’t just a harsh lesson

But the reason I never want to wake up?


Maybe my mistakes are more than lessons

They remind me every day what I regret

“Learning” won’t justify the pain I’ve caused

Merciless mistakes, never can they be altered.


How can they say everything happens for a reason

I doubt the rationale behind this unceasing hurt

Wonder what explanation can fix this hole in my heart

When my head cannot reason because of my soul’s cries.


They say that bad things happen for a reason

What if I don’t want to know the answers?

Preferring to live stupidly in a world without pain

Where I don’t have to think to find happiness.


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