Weary, exhausted, he opened the door

Today, she’s home from work already

Her smile beckons him inside

He falls on to the sofa, she sits

Next to him, cross-legged, comfortable

The smell of freshly brewed coffee

Scents the distant air. He relaxes,

Listening to her chatter about her day

Her light fingers rubbing his tired forehead.


They drink coffee, he’s smiling now

He talks about his bad day at work, 

But he realized it semmed distant and

Silly now, when he recalled it to her.

Their conversation drifts, he grins

His attention not on the words

She says, but on the smile in her eyes

She squeezes his hand, his mood lifts

He’s surprised at how content he is.


Weary, exhausted, he opens the door

There’s no one smiling, welcoming him

The air reeks with the smell of emptiness

He sighs heavily, and closes his tired eyes

Massaging his forehead with his rough fingers,

He lets himself imagine for a fleeting moment

That she’s there, mirroring his love in her smile,

Seeing which he realizes he isn’t tired anymore.


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