Soundless Screams

I used to talk to you everyday

The distant seemed so small

When the phone pressed your voice

So close to my ear, and I could

Almost feel your breath

Soft against my hair.


But now even that is gone

And my soul screams

With all the things I want to say

Everyday, whispering them to you

To make it all better, to make me feel.


I cannot talk to you now

For six years I could, and now,

I suddenly find myself facing

A vast, empty, shrieking silence.

I open my mouth to scream into it

But feel hands squeezing my throat.


So this is how I talk to you

Through my silence,

The pauses between my smiles,

In between the commas and the spaces

My soul speaks to yours.


But I know you cannot hear it.

Still, I talk. 


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