Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow, a post on your blog like it would appear three years from now


Shadows of my face

Crowd my facebook page.

Instagram photos with

Multiple hashtags ##

Receive a thousand likes.


My body spends days

Laughing and dancing

Avoiding time alone

Afraid of the dark

I used to love.


My mind rushes

Hurrying to success

With no time to breathe

I forget to watch the star

Which appears first in the sky.


But my blog remains naked

The last date I posted

Has remained the same

For too long for me to care.


Poetry stopped overpowering

Ever since I chose not to think

And crawl with the crowd.

I killed myself with the pen

With which I refused to write

And all that remained was

My shadow, refusing proudly

To accompany me to my grave,

Choosing to shine under lights

That made it go blind.


7 thoughts on “Shadows

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