A Family

A Family

Daily Prompt: If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Pausing time for a little while,

I fly like a ghost, unseen, to

Visit a family tucked somewhere

In that corner of the earth.


I see the father, returning home

Exhausted from work, and yet,

Stalling his entry inside.

I see the mother, worriedly

Carrying medicines and water

To a daughter hooked to a tube

In the dark room upstairs. 


I listen in to their fears

The father’s fear of making money

To allow his precious child to live

The mother’s heart which quakes

Every time her daughter breathes

And the daughter’s sorrow at her parents

Having grown so old because of her.


And yet, as the father walks in,

The wife smiles and holds his hand

And announces, “She’s doing okay”, 

And as the father gazes at his daughter,

The kind of happiness you find only in heaven

Lights up their lives in that brief, eternal moment.


8 thoughts on “A Family

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