What I Want to Say

I wish I could tell you

What I actually feel 

But if I don’t know the words myself,

How can I explain what it’s like

To be me?


I wish I could 

Make you listen to

Every insignificant detail

Of my unimportant life

And bore you with stories

Of everyday ordinariness. 

But if I can’t tell you the big things

How can I even hope to explain

Why these little things mean 

So much to me?


I wish we could sit together

One quiet evening and talk,

But what if words ended up betraying us?

Could we just look at each other

And listen to what is so difficult to be said?


Or will we end up just hearing

The sound of our own voices

Muting out each other, 

Refusing to listen, refusing to understand?


I will never know,

Because I will never say

What I want to say.


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