Kisses and Salt

NaPoWriMo Day#1: Prompt from 

Go to Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle ( Clear your mind, push the button, and then write a poem based on the quotation that the oracle provides.

The oracle provided me with this:

Don’t count on Lot’s wife:
her salty kiss only brings
copious tears. Lots. 


from “Lotto” by Timothy Bradford


Your soft hands on my aching back

The very hands that inflicted the pain,

Now coming to soothe the hurt you’d caused


What was I to believe in?

The hurt in your eyes that I couldn’t erase

Or the words you carefully picked to cut me with?


I was so lost in all your contrary signs.

I wanted to trust in the gentle kisses

You placed on my tear stained cheeks

But the frenzy with which you tore me

Lingered in my mouth like a mouthful of salt.


I was so young then,

Could you not have forgiven me

A little easier, a bit sooner?

Because now every time I want to trust

The comfort in your kiss

I choke on the salt rising up my throat.



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