Those Christmas Eves

BlogHer prompt for November 4: What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)

Those nights in late December

All the eves before Christmas

The yearly 11:30 PMs on December 24th,

When we stepped out silently

In blue and white polka dotted dresses,

Pearl earrings and soft white shoes,

Stealing a glimpse at the glittering tree

And the shadows on Mary’s face.


Those Christmas Eves

When we went to the midnight mass

The church decorated and clean,

The people hushed in expectation

Waiting for the Sacred Hour.


Those breezy rides after the mass

When the city was still sleeping

The shops kissed by fairy lights

And wide-eyed smiling Santa Clauses

The chill on our cheeks

As the wind flew in,

Carrying with it something new,

Yet so old that you always knew it was there.


Those Christmas Eves

That hour of breathless anticipation

Before the world wakes up

To the glorious noise of Christ’s birth.


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