Light and Dark


I remember sunlight singing through your eyes

You surrounded by people, all in love with your brightness.

I saw you glow every day. You are beautiful –

And under that glare, you could see it and be happy.


Me, with eyes that drown the day in its midnight depths

Listening to dead musicians to feed my insomnia,

In love with Russians two centuries old

And euphoric from spotting two faint stars

Blinking in the clouded, dull Delhi sky.


There’s only so much the day

Can make love to the night.

When your brightness licked me up,

There were very few to mourn;

For who loves the dark more than light?


Maybe the night’s whimpering

Wasn’t heard in the day’s glee.

But I felt the empty spaces

That the shadows used to occupy –

My black tears didn’t count for much

In the dizzying radiance of your embrace.


Few cry when the night dies;

But it is a death, nevertheless.



4 thoughts on “Light and Dark

    • Thank you so much Rizowana. Very few people who know me know that I blog; it’s a very private part of me. I know we haven’t talked much, but I love you a lot.I felt like sharing it with you. I hope to see more of what you write. I love the way you think. Welcome to a beautiful world!

      • I didn’t log in for a long time, and so I missed seeing this. This touched me no end. Thank you so much, Rosemary! You have no idea how precious this is to me. You have my love as well. And yes! I went off track for a little while, but I hope to get back to writing.

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