Without Your Arms

Your voice sounded like home

All at once, I remembered hugs

In which I was completely folded

In you, your arms holding me so tightly

I almost believed that cliched love stories

Existed, and that I was the lucky one.


If you are here, I would easily fall

Once again, into the comfort of your arms

And believe I can live free of my thoughts

As long as I can turn and see you looking at me.


But you are not here now –

And there are no arms to keep me from my thoughts

I think of how long it has been since I saw your eyes

Shining, when you saw me smiling at you

When we last had a conversation where the I love you

Stressed more on the love than the pronouns.


You are not here now, and I feel

Maybe  can teach myself to love myself

When I don’t have your arms around me.

It rained today, the water dropped gently

On my skin, I felt my heart leap.

The waters caressed my skin –

I felt I could learn to love my body

Without needing your warm arms

Today, I felt I might love myself again

The way the rain does –

Slowly, silently and utterly.



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