I used words carefully with you

My tongue, used to rapidly navigating terrains

Of other people’s minds, paused, relishing

The words that opened my soul

To you, before anyone else.

I danced in the beauty of the words that escaped my mouth

To let you in. I was jittery with excitement

To put them together in sentences meant

To reveal, without metaphor.


I forgot

You did not linger over words like I did,

They slid off your tongue without thought,

Weight, or consequence.

When my words turned from heavy dew

Drops sliding from the edge of a cool leaf

To the frenzied cries of a burning bush,

Your fingers twitching, brushed them off

They broke. Words are fragile, you see –

Did you know then, they would drive me to silence?


My soul may be more fragile then the words I chose to make you see

And see you cannot, now. Not anymore.

That space is marked by quiet.



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