Day#2 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Face

Device: Alliteration

 I think I used alliteration a bit too much, but, whatever.


Giggling, getting in the way

Treading on my temples

Without worry. Never weary –

Tempted to tranquilize you every day.


Now when I think of beauty,

The two of you march into my mind

Comfortable in the confidence

I cannot cut you into two –

Not when you’re just in my head.


Your backs bent

And smiles solemn

Creating imaginary worlds

On papers pressed with love


Loquacious and laughing

Long car rides blasting the bass

Our singing never spectacular,

Amma thought otherwise.


In sleep you bordered on sweet

Deceptive angels entangling arms

The softness would fade when you woke

For now, silence sighed in the house.


When I think of beauty

The both of you come to mind

Sweet, smiling, snakelike.

The debate to love or kill

Will regularly ruin my mind

There’s no denying

Your faces show a beauty and maturity

I have forever failed to grasp.



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