Death by Candlelight

Day#10 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Future

I was supposed to complete this challenge days ago, but thinking about the future is something I just don’t do, or to be more accurate, something I avoid doing. But, a challenge is a challenge, and I am a woman of my word. So here goes. 

Today I cooked under candlelight.

The tube light in the kitchen had gone off with a pop,

And we used candles saved up from a Diwali when we

Almost burned our house for light near the stove.


Under candlelight, everything softened. The onions glowed

Shyly, turning pink in a pool of yellow. The garlic seemed to melt

Like butter. And I thought, in the future, when life seems tough,

I should just light a candle to watch it turn softer.


Five minutes later, the curry burned to death.


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