A New Year

Day#8 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Pleasure

Device: Anaphora


On a wintry morning, she wakes

Regretfully leaving behind layers of heavy quilts

And the welcoming, warm limbs of her sleeping roommates.


On a wintry morning, she turns the tap

The water is merciless in its icy gush

Her fingers turn numb as she gazes at the fog outside.


On a wintry morning, she changes

Goosebumps immediately cover her

An inadequate blanket against trembling skin.


On a wintry morning, she sips

The coffee shares its heat with her.

Dressed now, she’s ready to leave.


On a wintry morning, she lingers

The most peaceful of smiles tracing her face

This year, this January, her happiness surprises her.

A Little Extra Salt

Day#7 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Flavour


My mother always said,  “a little extra salt means the dish is made with a lot of love.”

When I come home, your gaze is so unbearable

My eyes fill with salt.

Away, now, in this cold city,

I lick a bit of salt off my finger

In the middle of cooking, and I

Think of you, in your kitchen,

Tapping a little gravy off the spoon

Into your palm, and smiling..




Day#6 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Screen

Device: Enjambment

Black night. The cold screened

By two layers of blankets, inside which

It is darker still, but warm. Suddenly, a buzz.

A tiny screen lights up, a thin arm stretches

Out of the warmth, braving the cold

To see who it could be, thinking of her, in spite of

The cold

And the warmth of blanket cocoons.

The Chooralkasera

Day#4 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Chair

Device: Simile

Note: Chooralkasera is a type of chair made from cane.

This chair had never been adventurous.

Sure, once it was painted a dark green

Like the coriander chutney made without coconut –

The spicy, Delhi kind and not the sweet, cooling one

Amma spread on soft bread for hungry, sunset evenings –

But so were the three others with him. it didn’t

Make him feel any less special, though.


A chair has a very dull life, you see.

The only time it moved where when the veranda

With the brick red floor and the bamboo shades

Had to be cleaned, and then, it was placed back promptly.


But now the chair’s sighs matched the quiet grief

Of the woman who sat next to him, on her chair.

He was old, you see, and old people only long for one thing –

To disappear into photographs.

First Impressions

Day#3 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Friend

Form: Acrostic

I’ve used both the prompt and form, and yet, this poem was very very easy to write. 


A story reached me before I met her; our

Neighbour and her roommate told it to us

I laughed at the first impression she gave:

The image of her trying to break a rod

Had left her roommate stunned, to say the least.

And now, when I think of all the contradictions

She is made up of; I go back to this image of her –

Rod in one hand, knife in another, relentless

Ever busy to work, to fix things

Ever ready to love.


Day#2 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Face

Device: Alliteration

 I think I used alliteration a bit too much, but, whatever.


Giggling, getting in the way

Treading on my temples

Without worry. Never weary –

Tempted to tranquilize you every day.


Now when I think of beauty,

The two of you march into my mind

Comfortable in the confidence

I cannot cut you into two –

Not when you’re just in my head.


Your backs bent

And smiles solemn

Creating imaginary worlds

On papers pressed with love


Loquacious and laughing

Long car rides blasting the bass

Our singing never spectacular,

Amma thought otherwise.


In sleep you bordered on sweet

Deceptive angels entangling arms

The softness would fade when you woke

For now, silence sighed in the house.


When I think of beauty

The both of you come to mind

Sweet, smiling, snakelike.

The debate to love or kill

Will regularly ruin my mind

There’s no denying

Your faces show a beauty and maturity

I have forever failed to grasp.