Paradise Lost and Some Thoughts

Paradise Lost and Some Thoughts

A week long holiday. The college is almost empty.

Books in hand, I step out

To enjoy the last smiling breezes of spring

Before it is cruelly extinguished

By the summer sun.


Under the cafe tree I sit,

My head trying to concentrate

On Satan’s seduction of Eve in Paradise Lost.

But the debate of good and evil

Seemed so hard to believe 

In a world coloured with

Different, brilliant shades of grey.


I close my book.

The question of Free Will

Seemed distant as I watch

Dry leaves being tossed around

By the wind.


Adam and Eve’s folly seems distant,

Yet their loss familiar. 

Could I trace back my mistakes

To the day Eve’s hand reached for that fruit?

Or was it just in me, to be so imperfect?


I close my eyes,

And the questions suddenly stop.

Everything becomes clear suddenly:

I am here, this moment is mine,

I feel happy, it may not last, but it exists now.

I will enjoy this moment, I can cry tomorrow. 


This Night

We lay on the moist grass

A soft wind blew. The cold

Had taken leave, summer

Had not yet stomped in.

It was the beautiful in-between season

When tiny flowers unabashedly coloured

And the nights were cloaked in a cooling hug.


The black trees swayed gently above us

The stars seemed so close and the sky so near

That it seemed they’d fall on us any moment.


But all I could see was your tender smile

And the shadows of leaves softly touching your face

As the sky shone softly in your eyes,

I realized I could always see this night

In you. 

The Constants

Some things remain with you, after everything else disappears

The comforting harmony of the night, the cold which hugs you tight.

When you try to remember, you hear laughter and picture bright lights

Was there really no pain then, or is this how you choose to picture it?

But now, what haunts you is the eerie conversations between silences

The forced smiles, the glances you indulge in before pretending not to see.


Things you thought were constant collapse so quickly, 

They replace you with one-dimensional memories of you

And when they see you, they see a memory they chose to preserve,

Gradually, even that shadow of you fades away, and you see

Their eyes, blinking to fit you into an image you outgrew years ago.


They become speeding cars, making your heart thud for just a moment

Before they soar past you, leaving you on the street kissed by dim lamps.

In the end, that is what you remember: the soft light which shone bravely

After all the other lights were put out, the gentle breeze fanning your tears.


They fade away soon, and you force yourself to stop caring

Loneliness is sticky like honey; its taste clings to your mouth,

You gaze at the sleeping sky, the grass peering longingly above

And you remember the constants, everything that stayed with you,

While you were too busy running after sun beams and mirages.

A Rainy Night

Days of fatigue, nights of sweat

Struggling to move day by day

The parched earth, the bare sky

Lethargy enveloping every being

My heart as black as the sun.


For days, I’ve been feeling dry

Like a riverbed sucked of its life

My head forced down by the dizziness

Of looking up into a merciless sky

Even my tears seemed reluctant to flow

So that sorrow ended up choking me inside.


But tonight, a cool breeze knocked at my window

Surprising me, stirring me from my numbness

I watched as it brushed the trees, and

Playfully tugged the corners of my mouth

I let the tears flow freely, as I smiled to see

How God made it rain for me.


This Moment

The green grass dances gracefully

With the gentle breeze teasing them

The trees above my head softly whisper

With the wind, which plays with my hair

Tiny ants crawl across my skin

Busy with their own worries and troubles

The earth below me still holds shy evidence

Of the passionate affair it had with the rain.


The noise of cars moving in the distant bridge

Is masked by the song of a bird’s occasional cry

And the gentle rushing of the river to join me.

As I sit here, alone, in the silence of the trees

Away from the dullness and pain of everyday life

with everything around me working in soft, absolute harmony,

I wonder whether this is what heaven tastes like,

And suddenly, I want this moment to last,

Even after I’m gone

A Walk with the Wind

NaPoWriMo Day#13: Take a walk and write about it


It had been a hot day

But by the time we’d finished

Eating dinner from a quaint little shop,

The sky was dark, and a cool, dry wind

Blew so invitingly that we decided

To walk the way back home.

We walked through the busy road

Passing the photostat shops, the vendors

Selling cheap snacks and sweets, the cars

Rushing through the road and the pavement.

It would have been an ordinary day had it not

Been for the surprising wind which blew

And brought an unconscious smile on our

Faces. we walked on, leaving  the road,

The way was quieter and darker and

Greener, and my soul suddenly lifted,

And I broke out into a song, singing out

The wind within me.

NaPoWriMo Day#22

NaPoWriMo Day#22: Write a poem related in some way to Earth Day


I stand barefoot, feeling

The soft grass and the ants

Moving beneath it and on my skin.

I feel the breeze pulling the river

Towards me, and my hair towards the river.

I lie down. and watch the branches of  trees

Shyly kissing each other, and

The clouds moving softly up above.

Lying here, with not  a person next to me,

I feel complete.


I let the breeze widen my smile.