This Moment

The fire in your smouldering eyes

Soften as your gaze meets mine.

The quaking of my heart lessens

As I savour the words your smile speaks.

I want this moment to linger

Like the aftertaste of coffee.

I want to hold on to the time

When I knew for sure you were mine.


Before the Train Comes

Before the Train Comes

Sipping a burning cup of coffee,

I watch as the rain lazily drips

From the roof on to the tracks.

People stay huddled together

In the platform, waiting to leave

But still, dreading to move.

As the next train reaches the platform,

The mad rush to climb in

Tears me away from my thoughts.


But the time which stretches proudly

After a train leaves and before another comes

Seems endless, and dauntingly full of possibilities.

As I wait, watching the hurry people are in,

Scampering with luggage and children,

Frustration marring their faces, 

I wonder why they were in such a hurry

That they missed out the thrill of waiting;

When you’re suspended between two worlds:

The one you will leave behind when your train comes.


I sit and wait, knowing my train was never going to arrive

And yet, sensing the tracks vibrating in anticipation of the next train,

I look up, desperately hoping it would take me away from this place.


Weary, exhausted, he opened the door

Today, she’s home from work already

Her smile beckons him inside

He falls on to the sofa, she sits

Next to him, cross-legged, comfortable

The smell of freshly brewed coffee

Scents the distant air. He relaxes,

Listening to her chatter about her day

Her light fingers rubbing his tired forehead.


They drink coffee, he’s smiling now

He talks about his bad day at work, 

But he realized it semmed distant and

Silly now, when he recalled it to her.

Their conversation drifts, he grins

His attention not on the words

She says, but on the smile in her eyes

She squeezes his hand, his mood lifts

He’s surprised at how content he is.


Weary, exhausted, he opens the door

There’s no one smiling, welcoming him

The air reeks with the smell of emptiness

He sighs heavily, and closes his tired eyes

Massaging his forehead with his rough fingers,

He lets himself imagine for a fleeting moment

That she’s there, mirroring his love in her smile,

Seeing which he realizes he isn’t tired anymore.

The Nine of Us

NaPoWriMo Day#27


The last two months before exams

When we stayed awake at night sipping

Sweet, hot, black coffee and laughing

About the stupid clueless guys in class,

Staring at the clear night sky, sneaking

Up to the terrace and lying on the roof,

All the while knowing that we had to study,

And yet, always ending up talking and laughing.


Those days, we thought this would last forever

The last day came, we hugged and kissed

Promised to keep in touch, though we were

All going different ways.


Sometimes I wonder whether

We were stupid enough to believe

That things would always be

Just the way we wanted it to be.


Now, I cherish the rare moments

When I hear from the eight of you.

Sometimes I wonder whether it was

A mistake that all of you went ahead

And changed so drastically that

I almost didn’t recognize you, while

I still remained the same, hoping

You’d remember those days

Before we went different ways,

And became different people.