Icy hands grab my soul

Rattling me in a frantic quest

To find if mercy still resided within.

But the door to my soul gave away,

And the weeping world was consumed

In the bottomless well of darkness

Which began from within me, and

With every black breath I exhaled,

Fell everywhere as teardrops.


“You’re Too Young to Hate the World”

She wakes up every morning

With no song of hope to make her smile

She reads in the papers

About three-year-olds being pimped by fathers

And mutilated bodies found in open ditches

She endures crude comments and ice cold groping

By wild-eyed men in the crimson red bus

She sees children losing their innocence too early

In their parents’ fights, or behind computer screens

She has experienced the cruelty of friends

And felt the daily scorn of strangers

She knows what it’s like to be truly alone

In a crowd, with friends, even all by herself

Just out of school, her dreams have already been

Crushed, disfigured and distorted irrevocably

And then, they dismiss the death in her eyes

With a quick burst of nervous laughter and the words,

“You’re too young to hate the world”.


Sometimes you feel very lonely, even though you’re not alone

Sometimes mere words pierce your heart deeper than daggers

Sometimes you cry without even knowing why

Sometimes you wish you could just curl up and die.


Sometimes it’s your loved ones that hurt you the most

Sometimes you find the hostility of dear ones more terrible than the taunts of your enemies

Sometimes your friends can be your worst foes

Sometimes you realize that all you have is yourself.


Sometimes people accuse you of things you’ve never done

Sometimes you just can’t defend yourself against these lies however much you try

Sometimes you doubt your own integrity even if you’ve done nothing wrong

Sometimes you feel like giving up, and never trying again.


Sometimes you don’t feel like waking up to face a horrible reality

Sometimes even your sleep is broken and haunting

Sometimes you feel the sun burning you, and the rain drenching you

Sometimes you feel more dead than alive.


Sometimes you try to swim but end up drowning

Sometimes you scream but no sound comes out

Sometimes you try to breathe but end up suffocating

Sometimes you feel crushed and powerless.


Sometimes the soothing power if nature doesn’t work on you

Sometimes your favourite songs don’t give you a high

Sometimes you ignore the wind trying to play with you

Sometimes everything that offered you comfort, no longer holds any meaning.


Sometimes you look around but find not a soul

Sometimes you call out but don’t get a reply

Sometimes your smile is greeted with cold stares’

Sometimes you find being with yourself is better than being with anyone else.


Sometimes you realize that happiness is just an illusion

Sometimes you find that people you thought would be there aren’t here

Sometimes you know that blood relationships just don’t exist

Sometimes you search for love, but can’t find it anywhere.


Sometimes eyes that were once filled with love look icy cold

Sometimes voices that comforted curse you

Sometimes people who laughed with you laugh at you

Sometimes people who loved you just don’t, anymore.


Sometimes you try to lift your head but just can’t

Sometimes you try to walk but end up falling

Sometimes you try to wake up but can’t open your eyes

Sometimes the world around you just doesn’t stop spinning.


Sometimes you find silence more musical than voices

Sometimes you find darkness more comfortable than daylight

Sometimes you find the cold warmer than the bright sun

Sometimes hands that once held yours feel cold


Sometimes arms that were wrapped around you strangle you

Sometimes lips that showered you with kisses twist with wrath

Sometimes the healing power of a touch just ends up destructing.


Sometimes you feel very lonely, even though you’re not alone

Sometimes mere words pierce your heart deeper than daggers

Sometimes you cry without even knowing why

Sometimes you wish you could just curl up and die


I walked in
The crowd rose to greet me
Clapping, greedy for my words
I saw the hunger in their eyes
Wild, cruel, never satiated
I realized how my hunger 
Was now the nation’s desire
I saw the monster in their eyes
And my stomach growled
Their cries made me hungrier
As my mind yelled, “more!”

And then I remembered the other hunger
The one in the camps
Stifled, silent, terrified
I saw it in their eyes
The starvation to live
And to see me dead

Later, their dead eyes stayed with me
Feeding my hunger,
And making it grow.

Mr. Politician

NaPoWriMo Day#20: Write a poem with at least 5 words from the list given

Words I used: squander, mercurial, abscond, gutter, curl, ghost, ego

The first time I met you

You were seated on your throne

Squandering the choice the people had made

With your mercurial temper

And your flapping, flattering tongue.

Later I heard, you had absconded

With their money and trust.

Today I passed by you,

Lying curled up in the gutter

A ghost of your former self,

And I pitied you, for you

Still couldn’t let go of your ego.

Bride Wanted

Beautiful, fair and young bride wanted

Must be well educated. Must be willing

To not work. Should know how to manage

A household and cook for and clean up after

Any relative who visits the house.

Must be intelligent enough to know

When she has to speak, and when not to;

But not intelligent enough to understand

That her mother-in-law takes decisions

For her grownup, gutless husband.

Should produce a kid within a year

Must know her place in the house

And be seen and not heard.


If interested, please contact

Less than average boy and

His interfering family.

Little Girl

NaPoWriMo Day#19

 I opened the newspaper on 19th April and read this article: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/kidnapped-girl-found-brutalised/article4632313.ece It’s about a five year old girl who gets kidnapped, and is found in another floor of the same apartment a few days later:


Little girl,

Who knew that just another day of play

Outside your home would suddenly turn

Your entire small world upside down?

Is your mother questioning herself now

For letting you go out, naively thinking

That nothing could ever happen?

After all, it’s just people you see everyday

Around you, and anyway, you’re just five.

Who thought that you would be kidnapped

And found on another floor of the same building

A few days later? Your mother must have gone

Crazy, frantically searching for you, calling out your name,

Never realizing you would be found in the very same building.


You were found with your private parts injured

You were subjected to “irregular sex”, it seems

Somebody heard you wailing and found you 

Had you been wailing for three continuous days?

Will you shed tears throughout your life now

Or will you be shocked into a cruel silence?


They operated you, and found a tear in your

Vagina and rectum. They found also

Three candles and an oil bottle inserted

Inside of you.


Little girl, I cannot ever imagine

What happened in that room

How much you cried, or the trauma you felt

But dear little girl, I cry for you,

Cry because you were too innocent 

For this evil world that they

Had to take your innocence away

From you. But when I remember

That you were only five, and how you

Deserved to believe that the world 

Is beautiful with a joy and innocence

That only children possess,

I can’t help but weep for you.