Day#6 of IntrotoPoetry

Prompt: Screen

Device: Enjambment

Black night. The cold screened

By two layers of blankets, inside which

It is darker still, but warm. Suddenly, a buzz.

A tiny screen lights up, a thin arm stretches

Out of the warmth, braving the cold

To see who it could be, thinking of her, in spite of

The cold

And the warmth of blanket cocoons.


Loving the Night

You never understood why I love the night like I do

Maybe you never thought about things I love –

Only what I could and couldn’t do.

And the nights were definitely dangerous,

You had decided.

Soon, I started avoiding shadows for you.


Now I discover myself again in inky skies

The stars kiss parts of me you never saw

And I smile, because I can never explain

The allure of obscurity to one who glows

Under the gaze of the sun.


I, who wait hungrily for sunsets,

How could I have dared to love

The prodigy of the sun?

I, who am wrapped in darkness,

How could I have thirsted

For your burning touch?


Tonight, a cool wind

Strokes my bare arms

My burns are fading now,

But I wonder, if you still shiver

In places I touched with my cold hands,

If you still secretly yearn for shadows

And long to return to the cave of my embrace.

Those Christmas Eves

BlogHer prompt for November 4: What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)

Those nights in late December

All the eves before Christmas

The yearly 11:30 PMs on December 24th,

When we stepped out silently

In blue and white polka dotted dresses,

Pearl earrings and soft white shoes,

Stealing a glimpse at the glittering tree

And the shadows on Mary’s face.


Those Christmas Eves

When we went to the midnight mass

The church decorated and clean,

The people hushed in expectation

Waiting for the Sacred Hour.


Those breezy rides after the mass

When the city was still sleeping

The shops kissed by fairy lights

And wide-eyed smiling Santa Clauses

The chill on our cheeks

As the wind flew in,

Carrying with it something new,

Yet so old that you always knew it was there.


Those Christmas Eves

That hour of breathless anticipation

Before the world wakes up

To the glorious noise of Christ’s birth.

This Night

We lay on the moist grass

A soft wind blew. The cold

Had taken leave, summer

Had not yet stomped in.

It was the beautiful in-between season

When tiny flowers unabashedly coloured

And the nights were cloaked in a cooling hug.


The black trees swayed gently above us

The stars seemed so close and the sky so near

That it seemed they’d fall on us any moment.


But all I could see was your tender smile

And the shadows of leaves softly touching your face

As the sky shone softly in your eyes,

I realized I could always see this night

In you. 

The Feel of Taste

The Feel of Taste

Fluffy rice, the tangy lime pickle the tip of your tongue licks, the hastily prepared salad

Taste like home, the comfort of familiarity and acceptance flavour them all.


Hot steamy rice, spicy tender chicken, and the sweet surprise of pineapple and cream

Under the dim light of a candle on a cold star kissed night where my grandmother’s hands

Skillfully maneuvered the food into every open, eager mouth.


Roadside momos, noodles-in-a-box, plenty of Nutella and Nescafe brewed in the microwave,

The virgin taste of independence, grilled to perfection with nostalgia of home.


Flavour-of-the-month ten-rupee chocolate ice cream on a cold night

A walk back from the vendor through the lawns back to our dorms

Glazed with a sprinkle of uncontrollable laughter, and surprising happiness.