Here, in the quiet comfort of the night,

In the steady darkness of the sky,

I find myself.


Here, in he hour everyone sleeps,

In the monotonous serenity of my room, 

I feel happy.


Here, in the absolute silence of the moment,

In the beautiful stillness of the surroundings,

I am complete.


What I Want to Say

I wish I could tell you

What I actually feel 

But if I don’t know the words myself,

How can I explain what it’s like

To be me?


I wish I could 

Make you listen to

Every insignificant detail

Of my unimportant life

And bore you with stories

Of everyday ordinariness. 

But if I can’t tell you the big things

How can I even hope to explain

Why these little things mean 

So much to me?


I wish we could sit together

One quiet evening and talk,

But what if words ended up betraying us?

Could we just look at each other

And listen to what is so difficult to be said?


Or will we end up just hearing

The sound of our own voices

Muting out each other, 

Refusing to listen, refusing to understand?


I will never know,

Because I will never say

What I want to say.

The Constants

Some things remain with you, after everything else disappears

The comforting harmony of the night, the cold which hugs you tight.

When you try to remember, you hear laughter and picture bright lights

Was there really no pain then, or is this how you choose to picture it?

But now, what haunts you is the eerie conversations between silences

The forced smiles, the glances you indulge in before pretending not to see.


Things you thought were constant collapse so quickly, 

They replace you with one-dimensional memories of you

And when they see you, they see a memory they chose to preserve,

Gradually, even that shadow of you fades away, and you see

Their eyes, blinking to fit you into an image you outgrew years ago.


They become speeding cars, making your heart thud for just a moment

Before they soar past you, leaving you on the street kissed by dim lamps.

In the end, that is what you remember: the soft light which shone bravely

After all the other lights were put out, the gentle breeze fanning your tears.


They fade away soon, and you force yourself to stop caring

Loneliness is sticky like honey; its taste clings to your mouth,

You gaze at the sleeping sky, the grass peering longingly above

And you remember the constants, everything that stayed with you,

While you were too busy running after sun beams and mirages.



Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author.


I’ve already done this on 28th May:

Here’s the poem I wrote then, which was inspired by Jayanta Mahapatra’s poem of the same title:


I walked in
The crowd rose to greet me
Clapping, greedy for my words
I saw the hunger in their eyes
Wild, cruel, never satiated
I realized how my hunger 
Was now the nation’s desire
I saw the monster in their eyes
And my stomach growled
Their cries made me hungrier
As my mind yelled, “more!”

And then I remembered the other hunger
The one in the camps
Stifled, silent, terrified
I saw it in their eyes
The starvation to live
And to see me dead

Later, their dead eyes stayed with me
Feeding my hunger,
And making it grow.

Quiet Thoughts

In the midst of all this noise,

All this laughter and babbling

The music blaring loud in my ears

While I’m shouting out excitedly,

People around me screaming loudly

The clang of the bell announcing dinner

The applause that follows every speech

My annoyingly merry alarm clock


In the midst of all this,

I have quiet thoughts about you

And I am hugged by the 

Comfort in that silence,

Too Long Now

I’ve been burning under the sun for too long now

The sounds of everyday life have stifled my song

But when the sun sets tonight, I’ll sing out loud

Don’t ask me to be quiet, I’ve been silent for too long now.


I’ve been walking too fast for too long now

The loud echo of footsteps have stopped me from thinking

But when dusk sets in, I’ll dance around in circles

Don’t ask me to stop, I’ve been walking straight for too long now.


I’ve been watching and waiting for too long now

This chair has been the abode of my laziness

But when the moon comes out. I’ll stand upright

Don’t ask me to fall, I’ve been down for too long now.


I’ve been swayed by the world for too long now

The shouts of others have muted my heartbeat

But when the stars appear, I’ll listen to its thumping

Don’t ask me to smother it, I’ve been deaf for too long now.


I’ve been put out and pulled down for too long now

The contempt of the world has made my soul cry

But when the night reigns, I’ll break out into laughter

Don’t ask me to be sober, I’ve been dead for too long now.

The Part of Me that Loved You

You look at me, disappointment evident in your eyes

You open your mouth, and start howling like a siren

Hurling all-too-familiar words at my blank face

Expecting me to break down, to cry, or to deny

But I do nothing, waiting for you to shut your mouth.


My silence provokes your words to curl more spitefully

You play from every angle, try out different moves

To topple me down, to bring a flash of emotion to my face.


But you don’t realize that it has been years

Since your words have ceased to touch me

Now, those sharp-edged insults you spit out

Bounce off my body, without drawing blood.

Don’t you see?

Just as your words began ripping off pieces of my soul

I ripped out the part of me that loved you.