Travelling through the Inside of a Skull

BlogeHer Prompt for Friday, November 7: Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?

I do not know why people so eagerly want

To read the map of other people’s minds

And travel through the inside of a skull.


Don’t they know that the way is not safe?

Full of dark, dirty secretive streets,

Their foundations shaken, cracks everywhere?


The people so twisted, ugly and stupid

Ghastly shadows of what they are outside

Inside his head this is how he thinks of you

A rather smelly little shop, almost empty.


The bed you sleep in after the day

So uneven you cannot sleep

The shadows the curtain sways to

Creeping into every corner of your head


And when finally you leave that skull

And stop reading that map,

And come back to your own,

To realize with horror,

That place stands nothing in comparison

With the darkness of your abode?


Tiny Pieces

Tiny Pieces

After everything,

I decided to say 

Goodbye to you.


It felt as if a great wind

Was blowing in the spaces

You occupied, but I didn’t rush

To fill them, letting tiny things

Accumulate, till I could feel 

Complete again.


I took the leap

I said goodbye,

Some days I wonder

How I would feel

If I was still that full.


But then I listen to the wind

Inside my emptiness,

Its force gentler now

As I’m being filled

By tiny pieces from everywhere

Occupying the spaces you left,

And I feel happy for

The emptiness within me.



Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow, a post on your blog like it would appear three years from now


Shadows of my face

Crowd my facebook page.

Instagram photos with

Multiple hashtags ##

Receive a thousand likes.


My body spends days

Laughing and dancing

Avoiding time alone

Afraid of the dark

I used to love.


My mind rushes

Hurrying to success

With no time to breathe

I forget to watch the star

Which appears first in the sky.


But my blog remains naked

The last date I posted

Has remained the same

For too long for me to care.


Poetry stopped overpowering

Ever since I chose not to think

And crawl with the crowd.

I killed myself with the pen

With which I refused to write

And all that remained was

My shadow, refusing proudly

To accompany me to my grave,

Choosing to shine under lights

That made it go blind.

Too Long Now

I’ve been burning under the sun for too long now

The sounds of everyday life have stifled my song

But when the sun sets tonight, I’ll sing out loud

Don’t ask me to be quiet, I’ve been silent for too long now.


I’ve been walking too fast for too long now

The loud echo of footsteps have stopped me from thinking

But when dusk sets in, I’ll dance around in circles

Don’t ask me to stop, I’ve been walking straight for too long now.


I’ve been watching and waiting for too long now

This chair has been the abode of my laziness

But when the moon comes out. I’ll stand upright

Don’t ask me to fall, I’ve been down for too long now.


I’ve been swayed by the world for too long now

The shouts of others have muted my heartbeat

But when the stars appear, I’ll listen to its thumping

Don’t ask me to smother it, I’ve been deaf for too long now.


I’ve been put out and pulled down for too long now

The contempt of the world has made my soul cry

But when the night reigns, I’ll break out into laughter

Don’t ask me to be sober, I’ve been dead for too long now.

The Part of Me that Loved You

You look at me, disappointment evident in your eyes

You open your mouth, and start howling like a siren

Hurling all-too-familiar words at my blank face

Expecting me to break down, to cry, or to deny

But I do nothing, waiting for you to shut your mouth.


My silence provokes your words to curl more spitefully

You play from every angle, try out different moves

To topple me down, to bring a flash of emotion to my face.


But you don’t realize that it has been years

Since your words have ceased to touch me

Now, those sharp-edged insults you spit out

Bounce off my body, without drawing blood.

Don’t you see?

Just as your words began ripping off pieces of my soul

I ripped out the part of me that loved you.

They Say Bad Things Happen for a Reason

They say bad things happen for a reason

That pain can be the best the best teacher

Mistakes made means a lesson learned

Grief builds a stronger person.


Maybe I don’t want to be wiser

Turning my past into lessons for tomorrow

And naming all that I’ve lost “experience”

What if the pain I feel isn’t just a harsh lesson

But the reason I never want to wake up?


Maybe my mistakes are more than lessons

They remind me every day what I regret

“Learning” won’t justify the pain I’ve caused

Merciless mistakes, never can they be altered.


How can they say everything happens for a reason

I doubt the rationale behind this unceasing hurt

Wonder what explanation can fix this hole in my heart

When my head cannot reason because of my soul’s cries.


They say that bad things happen for a reason

What if I don’t want to know the answers?

Preferring to live stupidly in a world without pain

Where I don’t have to think to find happiness.