The Lovely Lady in Grey

Writing201: Poetry

Day#6 Prompt: Hero/Heroine, Form: Ballad, Device: Anaphora, epistrophe


The children loved to wait in the way

Where walked the lovely lady in grey

Their lives were mostly sad blues

The lady’s smile gave it a brilliant hue.


The children were poor, you see

Their clothes were torn and dirty.

But when walked the lovely lady in grey

They felt the beam of the brightest part of the day.


The children in wait every morning lay

For there walked the lovely lady in grey

She brought food, she lingered a while

They loved it best when she would smile.


The children led rough lives in mean streets

And slept cold beneath tattered sheets

So when here walked the lady in grey

Her smile was like a pretty bouquet.


One day the lovely lady in grey looked in the mirror

And decided life wasn’t worth living with all the horror

Her death mattered to few, no flowers on her grave except

The wayside flowers picked by the children who wept

For the lovely lady in grey.



NaPoWriMo Day#4: There are a couple of variants on the lune form, but just to keep things simple, let’s try the version developed by Jack Collum. His version of the lune involves a three-line stanza. The first line has three words. The second line has five, and the third line has three. You can write a poem that consists of just one stanza, or link many lune-stanzas together into a unified poem.


Two shy faces

Talked from across the hall

It was love.


Two shaky hands

Squeezed their quaking hearts out

They were scared.


Two bold strides

Taken tentatively by trembling feet

They were brave


Two dazzling smiles

Which were impossible to hide

They were happy


Two silent tears

Fall when no one’s looking

They were memories.

Kisses and Salt

NaPoWriMo Day#1: Prompt from 

Go to Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle ( Clear your mind, push the button, and then write a poem based on the quotation that the oracle provides.

The oracle provided me with this:

Don’t count on Lot’s wife:
her salty kiss only brings
copious tears. Lots. 


from “Lotto” by Timothy Bradford


Your soft hands on my aching back

The very hands that inflicted the pain,

Now coming to soothe the hurt you’d caused


What was I to believe in?

The hurt in your eyes that I couldn’t erase

Or the words you carefully picked to cut me with?


I was so lost in all your contrary signs.

I wanted to trust in the gentle kisses

You placed on my tear stained cheeks

But the frenzy with which you tore me

Lingered in my mouth like a mouthful of salt.


I was so young then,

Could you not have forgiven me

A little easier, a bit sooner?

Because now every time I want to trust

The comfort in your kiss

I choke on the salt rising up my throat.


Paradise Lost and Some Thoughts

Paradise Lost and Some Thoughts

A week long holiday. The college is almost empty.

Books in hand, I step out

To enjoy the last smiling breezes of spring

Before it is cruelly extinguished

By the summer sun.


Under the cafe tree I sit,

My head trying to concentrate

On Satan’s seduction of Eve in Paradise Lost.

But the debate of good and evil

Seemed so hard to believe 

In a world coloured with

Different, brilliant shades of grey.


I close my book.

The question of Free Will

Seemed distant as I watch

Dry leaves being tossed around

By the wind.


Adam and Eve’s folly seems distant,

Yet their loss familiar. 

Could I trace back my mistakes

To the day Eve’s hand reached for that fruit?

Or was it just in me, to be so imperfect?


I close my eyes,

And the questions suddenly stop.

Everything becomes clear suddenly:

I am here, this moment is mine,

I feel happy, it may not last, but it exists now.

I will enjoy this moment, I can cry tomorrow. 

Silent Raindrops

Crowded corridors, its darkness disturbed

By noisy footsteps and colourful jackets.

Loud chatter, disrupting the sacred silence,

Clashing with the grim, dark sky.


Walking amidst the noise, amidst the colour,

I long for a minute of quiet and a hint of grey

But the people around almost mute out

The perfect silence of the day.


But suddenly, as if heeding

The quiet cries locked up in me,

The sky broke apart to let it rain,

The pattering of the rain blending perfectly

With the silence of the sky.


I watched the raindrop fall gently down

Sliding shyly to kiss the grass,

And I realized that it was alright 

To feel lonely in a crowd,

To cry without tears.


I will find you one day,

Amidst the crowd and the colours,

We’ll meet in silence, invisible, 

Like raindrops drenching the earth.

Him and Her

Him and Her

He looked at her,

“I’m leaving”, he said.

Her head was bent

She did not see 

His lips quivering

As he wished

That she’d ask him 

To stay.


Ask me to stay, his mind begs,

I will. I’ll stay through it all.

Our love will never be

A flawless love song,

But it’d be like sunlight

That shines on broken glass.

I’ll never call you an angel

Because you’re the most 

Difficult person I know.

But I’d like to figure out

The enigma your eyes shield

Every time you blink.


She couldn’t look at him

And let him read 

The shameless pleading

Written over her wet face.

His words, said so coldly,

Struck her in places

She never knew could hurt.


She wanted to beg, to reach out

Tell him she loved him so much

That she couldn’t ever say

“I love you”.

She yearned to tell him

That all her dreams were 

Of doing nothing with him

And never getting tired of it.

Their love would be difficult,

And they’d make each other bleed,

But if they felt defeated,

They could be broken together.


He waited. She doesn’t look up.

His eyes beg. She doesn’t look up.

She stops herself from choking.

“Then leave,” she whispers.






Dedicated to my parents


On days when the clouds cry

To express my wordless anguish

When drops of the sun’s heat

Suck my entire being dry,

I fall into your smile

And remember what it is like to be happy.


On days when every slight word

Makes me bleed crimson pain

When the shallow pools around me

Turn my mind into an ugly brown,

I fall into your acceptance

And feel I can breathe again.


On days when my laughter

Rings of choked sorrows

When every breath I take

Scratches like dead leaves

I fall into your arms

And life surges into my corpse.


On days when an inaudible gasp

Signals my heart breaking quietly

When life loses its music and. 

Haunts with its cruel silence,

I fall into you

And know that I’m never alone.