Paradise Lost and Some Thoughts

Paradise Lost and Some Thoughts

A week long holiday. The college is almost empty.

Books in hand, I step out

To enjoy the last smiling breezes of spring

Before it is cruelly extinguished

By the summer sun.


Under the cafe tree I sit,

My head trying to concentrate

On Satan’s seduction of Eve in Paradise Lost.

But the debate of good and evil

Seemed so hard to believe 

In a world coloured with

Different, brilliant shades of grey.


I close my book.

The question of Free Will

Seemed distant as I watch

Dry leaves being tossed around

By the wind.


Adam and Eve’s folly seems distant,

Yet their loss familiar. 

Could I trace back my mistakes

To the day Eve’s hand reached for that fruit?

Or was it just in me, to be so imperfect?


I close my eyes,

And the questions suddenly stop.

Everything becomes clear suddenly:

I am here, this moment is mine,

I feel happy, it may not last, but it exists now.

I will enjoy this moment, I can cry tomorrow. 


This Night

We lay on the moist grass

A soft wind blew. The cold

Had taken leave, summer

Had not yet stomped in.

It was the beautiful in-between season

When tiny flowers unabashedly coloured

And the nights were cloaked in a cooling hug.


The black trees swayed gently above us

The stars seemed so close and the sky so near

That it seemed they’d fall on us any moment.


But all I could see was your tender smile

And the shadows of leaves softly touching your face

As the sky shone softly in your eyes,

I realized I could always see this night

In you. 

The Street Light

The street was empty, dark and desolate

Its quietness whispered something only I could hear,

And spellbound, I soaked in the colour of the night. 


The cold light from the ATM in the corner

And the occasional blinking car speeding by

Reminds me where I am, and my fear

Takes the colour of the street light:

A dull yellow, used to shining every night.


Yet, my legs refuse to move faster.

I pause for a moment, and shut my eyes,

Feeling the November cold brushing my ears. 

I block out the lights, the cars, until I feel

The magical perfection of the night,

In a way I can never feel when my eyes are open,

When my fear shines dully, like the street light.



Beneath the Coconut Trees

Beneath the Coconut Trees

When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?

The sunlight striking the water rushing towards me

The slender leaves of the neem tree swaying lightly

The breeze whispering gently about spectacular sunsets

The ugly white house in the middle of all this beauty.


In the water always flowing gently to meet me,

I lost myself again and again, in every wave.

With the blue sky peering behind the coconuts,

I gaze up, my mind neither happy nor sad

Just alive, just there, just at home. 


Today it Rained

Today it Rained

For many of us the seasons are changing, bouncing unpredictably between cold and warm. Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?


I woke up to the sound of pouring rain

And thunder, announcing news I’d been

Anticipating for weeks now: winter’s here.


I sip a cup of hot coffee, and look outside

The rain slowly stops. I watch as the last 

Raindrop slide reluctantly off a leaf, and

The whole earth stands fresh, waiting. 


Winter’s coming, days of ruthless heat

Are finally over. Soon, pretty flowers will

Shyly peek out, a cloudy fog will set in,

And Delhi will be clothed in the garments

That suits it the best. 


I watch the change with a smile

Winter has a way of warming my heart

In a way that the summer sun never can.

Before the Train Comes

Before the Train Comes

Sipping a burning cup of coffee,

I watch as the rain lazily drips

From the roof on to the tracks.

People stay huddled together

In the platform, waiting to leave

But still, dreading to move.

As the next train reaches the platform,

The mad rush to climb in

Tears me away from my thoughts.


But the time which stretches proudly

After a train leaves and before another comes

Seems endless, and dauntingly full of possibilities.

As I wait, watching the hurry people are in,

Scampering with luggage and children,

Frustration marring their faces, 

I wonder why they were in such a hurry

That they missed out the thrill of waiting;

When you’re suspended between two worlds:

The one you will leave behind when your train comes.


I sit and wait, knowing my train was never going to arrive

And yet, sensing the tracks vibrating in anticipation of the next train,

I look up, desperately hoping it would take me away from this place.

A Rainy Night

Days of fatigue, nights of sweat

Struggling to move day by day

The parched earth, the bare sky

Lethargy enveloping every being

My heart as black as the sun.


For days, I’ve been feeling dry

Like a riverbed sucked of its life

My head forced down by the dizziness

Of looking up into a merciless sky

Even my tears seemed reluctant to flow

So that sorrow ended up choking me inside.


But tonight, a cool breeze knocked at my window

Surprising me, stirring me from my numbness

I watched as it brushed the trees, and

Playfully tugged the corners of my mouth

I let the tears flow freely, as I smiled to see

How God made it rain for me.